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Edinburgh Pharmaceutical Processes (EPP) Ltd is a GLP contract research organisation with a bespoke Environmental Centre on Bush Estate supporting agrochemical, human and animal pharmaceutical and industrial chemical sectors.

EPP Ltd is an established GLP Contract Research Laboratory providing
specialist analytical and development services in chemical and environmental science worldwide.


Midlothian Science Zone talks with James Hogan, Study Director with EPP Ltd

James graduated from Liverpool University in 2014 with a degree in Medicinal Chemistry and has since worked in several analytical roles across several industries - emissions monitoring, contaminated land, water and oil analysis - before joining EPP in 2018 as an analyst in the Analytical Screening Team. He was promoted to Study Director 2021.

What type of work does EPP Ltd carry out?

EPP Ltd is a GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) Contract Research Organisation (CRO) offering bespoke testing services across the chemical, agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

EPP can screen for impurities present within our client’s products, develop and produce custom synthesis of impurities not readily available on the market and provide analytical services to ensure registration with regulatory bodies around the world including Europe, USA and South America. 

What is your role and your career highlights?

In my role as Study Director, I have gained a reputation for developing analytical methods for complex active substances and related impurities.

Whilst working at EPP; developing analytical methods for low level (sub ppm) toxic impurities (ethylene oxide, dimethyl sulfate, diethyl sulfate), gaining recognition as EPP’s resident GC (Gas Chromatography) expert and my promotion to Study Director, are all things I would consider as highlights in my career so far. 

In a previous role, having the opportunity to deliver a training course in South Korea for the installation and preparation for government certification of an FTIR gas analyser (emissions monitoring), was a particularly challenging and enjoyable experience in my career journey.

What are you focused on at the moment and what does the future hold?

Careers wise, I continue to focus on developing knowledge of analytical instrumentation, as well as keeping up to date with new and advancing technology, techniques and regulatory changes.

As a company, EPP has offered me the role and progression I was looking for. For the future, I hope it holds career progression to increasing levels of seniority. 

What support/assistance do you find of most benefit within a ‘park’ environment?

EPP has shared projects with other companies within the Midlothian Science Zone, and it is extremely useful to be located within such close proximity to enable smooth cooperation.

What do you enjoy most about working in Midlothian?

Midlothian is easily accessible and I consider it important to have a relaxed and manageable commute as possible.

I enjoy the area surrounding our location on the Bush Estate, with pleasant walks available within the grounds to enjoy on sunny days! 

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