• Seaweed Innovation in the UK

    Starts: 19 May 2022 Ends: 19 May 2022

    Discussing key challenge areas and determine how collaborative research and innovation can help develop the seaweed industry. Read More

  • MSZ Business Forum - May 2022

    Starts: 31 May 2022 Ends: 31 May 2022

    Businesses, entrepreneurs, collaborators within Midlothian Science Zone are invited to join our next Business Forum on Edinburgh Technopole to learn more about expertise and facilities on the science and technology park, part of We Are Pioneer Group. Read More

  • Sustainable Environment: Land - Food - Water - Energy Nexus

    Starts: 6 June 2022 Ends: 6 June 2022

    Explore current research, innovation, and best practices to support our continued provision of food and energy under the current climate crisis, changing policy, and continued population growth. Read More