• Being Human Festival: Beyond Bodies

    Starts: 14 November 2019 Ends: 23 November 2019

    How diverse, multiple and ‘normative’ bodies are imagined and situated in health, biomedicine and biotechnological developments. Read More

  • CAN DO Innovation Summit

    Starts: 20 November 2019 Ends: 20 November 2019

    Scotland is a world-leading hub of innovation. Embrace culture, technology and enterprise to drive productivity and build an inclusive economy that tackles major challenges through creative solutions. Read More

  • National Museum of Scotland: Science Saturday

    Starts: 23 November 2019 Ends: 23 November 2019

    In Conversation: A passion for invention. What inspires a new invention? How do scientists, engineers or designers take an initial idea to a finished product? Does the process of invention ever end? Read More