Drug Discovery Club: Academic-Industry Collaborations

Academic–industrial partnerships in drug discovery have existed in some form since the birth of the pharmaceutical industry over 100 years ago, and are becoming increasingly appreciated and pursued to address the significant challenges associated with developing novel medicines for complex diseases.

Starts: 18 September 2019 Ends: 18 September 2019


There are a broad variety of academic-industry partnership programs that can provide mutual benefits to both industry and academic research.

In this issue of the Drug Discovery Club hear about academic-industry partnerships with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a British multinational pharmaceutical company from both the industry and academic perspective.

Duncan Holmes from GSK will present on the “Opportunities and Challenges of Industry – Academia Integrated Drug Discovery”.

Damian Mole from the University of Edinburgh will present a case study on a collaboration between Edinburgh and GSK to develop novel treatments for acute pancreatitis.

The presentations will be followed by discussion and networking opportunities with speakers and attendees kindly sponsored by Maucher Jenkins.


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