Microbiome One Health Conference

Explore all things microbiome across the One Health Microbiome spectrum including human, animal, plant, and environment.Bringing these sectors together is an opportunity to learn from each other and make new connections.

Starts: 23 March 2023 Ends: 24 March 2023


Explore common challenges and discuss how our community can work together to make the UK a key destination in Europe for microbiome research and innovation.

There will also be an opportunity for early-stage microbiome entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to find new partners.

This conference is designed for people who are interested in research and innovation across the entire microbiome field (human, animal, plant, soil, environment…) including:

  • Academics
  • Industry scientists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Supporting organisations
  • Funders

Event Ktnagri Microbiomeconference

Meet with leading microbiome researchers and innovators from academia and industry and forge new connections and collaborations that could fast-track your research or project.

Learn about advances being made in microbiome research and innovation across different sectors and understand common challenges and solutions across the different sectors involved in microbiome research and innovation.

From SRUC, one of our Midlothian Science Zone partners, Nicola Holden (molecular bacteriologist and Professor in Food Safety) will be presenting 'Plant microbiome science and innovation' on Day 1 of the Programme.

Also hear from some of the UK’s pioneering microbiome start-ups and experts in IP, regulatory and manufacturing.

Innovate UK KTN is a not-for-profit organisation, but to cover the cost of the conference, a contribution of £85 + VAT per standard ticket. is requested.

Limited student tickets are available for a reduced price of £25 (+VAT ). Students who wish to attend this event are required to submit a poster (deadline 24th February at 5pm). Only accepted poster submissions will be eligible to book a ticket.

This conference is limited to 100 attendees so we recommend book your place as soon as possible.


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