Sitka Spruced Forestry Workshop on Genomic Selection

The future of UK conifer breeding, implementation and impacts for the UK. Facilitating knowledge exchange between forestry and wood product sectors, and genomics and tree breeding specialists.

Starts: 17 September 2019 Ends: 17 September 2019


The workshop will focus on commercial softwood breeding. Attendees should be involved in forestry or forest product industries, forest policy, or research and development.

Prepare the forestry sector for anticipated changes that may result from genomic selection such as shorter breeding cycles, shorter rotations, new breeding approaches and knock-on effects in value creation.

Sitka Spruced is a collaboration of the University of Oxford, the University of Edinburgh (Roslin Institute) and Forest Research (an Agency of the Forestry Commission). It is funded by BBSRC and a group of forest and wood processing industries.



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