£1.5m boost for brain tumour research

Published: 22 August 2018

The investment of £1.5 million from Cancer Research UK will fund a new Centre of Excellence to help find new treatments for both childhood and adult brain tumours.

Researchers at the Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre have been awarded the funding as part of a £3 million joint grant with scientists at UCL – University College London.

The centre will build better links between scientists and doctors to help find new treatments for glioma, the most common type of brain tumour.

Researchers will combine data from health records with genetic information and molecular imaging to build a fuller picture of the disease.

This could help doctors make more informed decisions on which patients will respond best to which treatments, the researchers say.

The Centre will enable us to make the most of our strengths in science, technology and data expertise so we can build a better biological understanding of what makes brain tumours vulnerable and develop new treatments with less harsh side effects.

Professor Steve Pollard, Group Leader at the Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre

Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killers of children and adults under 40. Only one in five patients survive beyond one year and fewer than one in 33 patients are alive after three years.

Researchers hope their studies will help improve survival rates for the thousands of people diagnosed with brain tumours each year.


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