Call for farmers to shape future policy

Published: 17 May 2021

A new study will work with farmers to identify management practices to improve the economic, environmental, and social performance of livestock farms.

Led by researchers at SRUC and funded by SEFARI – a consortium of six Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research Institutes - the study will create practical guidelines, supporting polices and user-friendly indicators to monitor and benchmark farm performance.

Two online ideas boards have been created as part of the study to enable grassland farmers to share and discuss their experiences.

The Management Practice Think Tank board provides a platform to share and discuss management actions that have the potential to improve the social, economic and/or environmental sustainability of grassland systems.

This could include tips on how to increase soil health or alternative grazing practices which have shown positive outcomes.

The Metrics Think Tank board offers an opportunity to share ideas of how to assess and benchmark the performance of a farm – including ways to monitor soil health or the impact farming has on you and your family.

Lead researcher Dr Lorna Cole said: “The farming community is under increasing pressure to farm more sustainably and use resources more efficiently, putting strain on the family unit.

“To support the livestock sector, we are seeking input from dairy, sheep and beef farmers to help identify innovative grassland management practices that can improve the economic, environmental, and social performance of livestock farms.”

The study is being led by SRUC in partnership with The James Hutton Institute and Moredun Research Institute.

For more information, or to contribute to the study (deadline 19 June) and help shape future policy, please visit


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