Censo Biotechnology awarded SMART funding to develop new stem cell technology

Published: 21 November 2017

Censo Biotechnologies Ltd. (“Censo”) announced today that it has been awarded a Scottish Enterprise SMART:SCOTLAND grant of just under £100,000 to undertake an innovation project that will develop new methods to create stem cells for medical research.

This funding will support scientists at the company’s Edinburgh research facility to investigate new ways to transform human tissue, such as blood, skin or urine, into induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs). Over the last ten years, iPSCs have become increasingly used in research to understand how diseases develop and find drugs for their treatment.

Censo, already a leader in the production and use of iPSCs for drug research, will use the SMART funding to develop novel methods to create iPSCs from donors with genetic diseases and simultaneously genetically modify a portion of the stem cells created. Integrating these two techniques is expected to make it easier and more efficient to create stem cells from donors with rare genetic diseases.

The technology will also be used in Censo’s other research programmes that focus on a broad range of human diseases, including Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s disease and different types of cancers.

“Researchers are increasingly using iPSC technology to understand disease and find new drugs. Censo is committed to advancing the use of this technology which we believe will have a profound effect on the way drugs are developed and targeted to specific patients in the coming years. This program will allow us to offer radically new approaches which will be particularly relevant for the development of treatments for rare genetic disorders.”

Aidan Courtney, CEO of Censo Biotechnologies

“Censo Biotechnologies is creating innovative products that meet strong and defined customer needs in the global marketplace. This award is the latest support we’ve provided to the company to accelerate its growth plans and build competitive advantage, and we wish the team every success with this project.”

Jim Watson, Innovation and Enterprise Services Director at Scottish Enterprise

“This SMART funding will help accelerate our research. We would like to thank Scottish Enterprise for their support of our company and our new research endeavours that will keep Scottish biotechnology at the forefront of this exciting and important field.”

Dr. Joe Mee, Scientific and Business Manager at Censo Biotechnologies


Source: Censo Biotechnologies



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