CodeClan Launches ScotlandIS Scholarship

Published: 15 October 2015

The scholarship has been funded by ScotlandIS, the trade body for the digital technologies industry in Scotland, and it will be open to students who enrol for CodeClan’s cohort two, which starts in November.

ScotlandIS has been campaigning for a number of years to encourage more coders into the workplace. In a recent survey carried out in 2015, ScotlandIS forecast strong growth for the industry after research revealed that 83% of organisations plan to increase staff numbers in the coming year.

Concerned that the shortage of skilled professionals threatens to halt the growth of the industry, ScotlandIS is confident that practical solutions such as CodeClan will address this skills shortage and help the industry to flourish and drive forward the economy.

Polly Purvis, CEO of ScotlandIS, said: “With strong industry growth forecast for the coming year, there has no better time to get involved in Scotland’s digital technologies industry than now. Initiatives like CodeClan provide an ideal ‘way in’ to those who want to be part of our vibrant digital technologies sector.”

The scholarship is available to applicants who otherwise could not afford to attend the CodeClan CX3 course, who have not been to University, nor worked in a IT or software career to date.

CodeClan, which opened its doors in October 2015, aims to draw on an untapped resource of talented individuals with an aptitude for coding and offer them the knowledge needed to embark on an exciting and fast paced career in the industry.

As well as offering a 16-week immersive coding course on software development and programming, CodeClan will also provide opportunities for students to network and focus on interpersonal skills to prepare them for a business environment.

To apply for the scholarship, please email a maximum of 500 words on why you feel you should be awarded the scholarship to (deadline is Wednesday 21st October).



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