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Published: 23 August 2021

EIT Food has launched a campaign to recruit 10 young people to target the food sector and tell them what they want from the future of their food and their future food system, calling for radical change to tackle access to healthy, sustainable and affordable food across the industry.

In July, EIT Food launched a new campaign called ‘Our Food, Our Food System’, which will be led by 10 young people aged 18 – 24, providing FutureFoodMakers the chance to tell the sector what they want from the future of their food and their future system. 

Midlothian Science Zone is supporting this campaign as this is a unique career-building opportunity for someone interested in pursuing a career in the food industry and with an appetite for positive change.

Create A Menu For Change Futurefoodmaker 2

The FutureFoodMaker recruitment period is open until Tuesday 7th September with roles commencing in October.  Successful applicants will have the opportunity to learn about innovations at the forefront of food system, access courses and talk to a wide range of people from across the sector, such as senior leaders at EIT Food and food sector entrepreneurs. 

EIT Food embarked on this campaign because the food system needs a radical rethink to meet the demands of a growing global population in a healthy and sustainable way.

Young people are vital to this transformation but despite its huge power and influence, the food sector today leaves many young people unable to access affordable, healthy and sustainable food.  Globally, 53% of Generation Z want to be entrepreneurs, but only 3.4% startups in Europe are currently in the food sector.

EIT Food believe it’s time to pay attention to the future food generation about the information they want to know about their food, the food choices on offer to them and how they can get involved to make change.

Food accounts for 26% of global greenhouse gas emissions (Source: OurWorldInData). Agriculture and food system action will help achieve the Paris Agreement but inclusive innovation to tackle challenges at this scale is needed.

With teams on the ground across Europe, EIT Food helps develop innovative products, initiatives, programmes and services, supports startups, trains a new generation of entrepreneurs and connects players from all across the industry to discover the solutions for change.

EIT Food is working with the UN Food Systems Summit to accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in this Decade of Action. With just 8 years left to achieve the SDGs and secure a better future for people and planet, bold action is needed from farm to fork to meet these targets.

The UN Food Systems Summit will be a chance for key players to come together, bridging the worlds of:

- Science, healthcare and academia
- Business and policy
- Farmers and consumer groups
- Indigenous people, youth organisations, environmental activists, and others

In this Decade of Action to deliver the SDGs, the next generation deserves a voice. FutureFoodMakers will be able to share their views, learn new skills and present a 'Menu For Change' to food industry leaders such as policy makers, food manufacturers, retailers and food sector stakeholders.

Find out more and apply to become a FutureFoodMaker

For further information contact:

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