Digital Skills Academy to Launch SIMUL8 Scholarship

Published: 31 August 2015

Known as the SIMUL8 Scholarship, the bursary will be fully funded by Scottish software company, SIMUL8 Corporation, which is keen to support CodeClan’s drive to get more coders into the workplace.

CodeClan, Scotland’s first digital skills academy, aims to produce 20 work-ready software developers after every 16-week course. CodeClan's graduates will help bridge the significant digital skills gap in Scotland - forecasts suggest Scotland alone could offer up to 11,000 job opportunities a year in the digital sector, rising by 2000 every year.

The coveted scholarship is open to applicants of all ages but those applying must have no previous experience working in the digital technology sector in order to be eligible for the funding.

A proud Scottish software company that has grown into a successful global SME, SIMUL8 Corporation hopes that the exclusive scholarship will help fuel the next generation of software developers and inspire others with an interest in digital technology to consider a career in the industry.

CodeClan, which opens its doors this October, will draw on an untapped resource of talented individuals with an aptitude for coding and provide them with the training needed to be able to.embark on a career in the industry. As well as covering software development and programming, there will also be networking opportunities and a focus on interpersonal skills to prepare students for the business environment.

Rebecca Heaney, Head of Student Recruitment for CodeClan, said: “Scotland’s digital economy is thriving but the skills shortage is a real problem which threatens to put the brakes on future growth. CodeClan is part of the solution, producing a reliable stream of entry-level developers with excellent ‘soft’ skills who can hit the ground running and learn on the job.”

She continued: “The SIMUL8 Scholarship is a great opportunity for an individual who has a passion for technology, but has no background in the industry, to kick-start an exciting and fast-paced career within the sector.”

SIMUL8 Corporation, which recognises the value of well-trained developers, already works alongside e-Placement Scotland and universities throughout the country to offer internships and a variety of other programmes aimed at teaching students the practical and technical skills they need to further their careers in the digital sector.

Laura Reid, CEO at SIMUL8 Corporation, said: “The Scottish Government has recognised the importance of the digital sector for the Scottish Economy and is heavily investing in its growth. The tech sector needs to match this and we are committed to helping drive the long-term growth of Scotland with CodeClan. The SIMUL8 Scholarship also gives us a chance to support the next generation of developers and help give someone the opportunity to transform their career and join this amazing sector.”

CodeClan is based on the success of the new breed of immersive academies around the world including Flatiron School in New York, Makers in London and Stackademy in Berlin.

The first cohort of students will be drawn from a variety of backgrounds from graduates and coding hobbyists to people changing career or returning to work. Although a tech background is not needed, a rigorous selection process, including mandatory pre-qualification course, will help determine aptitude and fit.

Industry led and Government backed, the academy’s curriculum has been tailored to fit real time market demands in Scotland and is working with the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), to offer its graduates ‘Professional Development Awards’ in Software Development.

Deadline for scholarship applications is Monday 14th September. To find out more about CodeClan or to apply for the scholarship visit

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