Edinburgh - fDi City of the Year in Europe - 2015

Published: 5 May 2015

The City of Edinburgh Council has been ranked by the leading business publication, The European, as the fDi City of the Year in the Business and Finance Awards 2015 for investment potential and innovation.

This achievement builds upon the success the city has seen winning numerous awards in the Financial Times fDi Magazine’s GlobalCities of the Future over a consecutive six year period.

Cllr Frank Ross, Convener of the Economy Committee, said: “Edinburgh’s innovation and ambition makes Scotland’s capital a hotbed of investment. In 2014 there were 37 foreign direct investments into the city. The number of companies we attract is attributed to the city’s highly educated workforce. The University of Edinburgh is ranked one of the best in the world and the five other universities and colleges produce a steady flow of graduates.

“We have embraced our strengths and worked hard to promote these assets to an international business audience. To maintain the high standard of the technology sector in Edinburgh, last year, the StartEDIN initiative was launched to emphasise Edinburgh’s culture of collaboration and leads growth in investment and jobs as well as attracting talent to the city. We have also just signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Innovate Finance in London to raise the profile of the city as a financial technology hub.”

 Each company is nominated by subscribers in line with different criteria depending on an industry sector. For the third year running, they are looking at some of the best companies from all major market sectors. The companies they assess are fast growing companies in growth economies which to a great extent are transforming a global marketplace. The European is monitoring companies from across all industry sectors that continuously manage to thrive in this dynamically changing time. The city of Edinburgh is a location which is ideally placed and encourages companies in industries such as technology and finance to flourish.

Award criteria:

  • Technical leadership
  • Innovation
  • Proof of product development and continued progress
  • Cross sector implementation
  • Investment potential
  • Market leadership
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Transparency


Source: City of Edinburgh Council


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