EPP accredited by Living Wage Foundation

Published: 13 July 2021

Edinburgh Pharmaceutical Processes (EPP) is an award-winning GLP Contract Research Laboratory based on Pentlands Science Park and Bush Estate in Midlothian Science Zone. The company is delighted to be accredited by Living Wage Foundation UK.

This accreditation ensures that all staff, aged 18 and over, earn a rate of pay based on the cost of living. This rate is voluntarily paid by EPP as the company believe their staff deserve a real wage which meets every day needs and that they are valued in the workplace.

EPP now join over 2000 businesses in Scotland committing to responsible pay. Introducing the Living Wage is not only the right thing to do for EPP staff, it also adds value and makes good business sense.

Living Wage employers and individuals have made great contributions to communities and industries by implementing and celebrating the Living Wage.

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The Living Wage rate is higher than the government minimum wage rate and is an hourly pay rate set independently, updated annually, and calculated according to the basic cost of living. it is the only UK wage rate that is voluntarily paid by over 7,000 UK businesses and over 250,000 employees have received a pay rise as a result of the Living Wage campaign.

Edinburgh is currently campaigning to become a Living Wage city. Step one is to acknowledge employers and to champion the people and organisations who recognise the value of their staff, the benefit of investing in them and promoting those benefits.

The pandemic has hit many hard but people on the lowest wages, and small businesses, have undoubtedly borne the brunt. A real Living Wage is one step in helping tackle work poverty and inequality.



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