Exploring human connections with nature

Published: 10 April 2021

The deadline for submission of photographs for the Edinburgh Science Festival Outdoor Photography Exhibition is approaching. Midlothian Science Zone is seeking photographs from contributors 'in the zone' that reflect “Human Nature”, the theme for the exhibition, as this aligns closely with our key sector interest.

Esf Event Photo Exhibition 2020

In a time when the vital ecosystems of the world are in crisis, this free Edinburgh Science Festival outdoor photography exhibition will focus on the importance of the natural world to our health and happiness and how the global community are tackling the challenges of the climate crisis.

Human connection with nature runs deep. We rely on the natural world for food, fuel, recreation and rest. From remote rural communities, to precious corners of green in urban parks and allotments, spending time in natural spaces is positively related to health and wellbeing. It can be harnessed to tackle major public health challenges such as obesity, physical inactivity and mental health disorders.

Under the 2021 theme of 'Human Nature', the Edinburgh Science exhibition will explore these subthemes:

  • Importance of natural landscapes & oceans – why they matter & what threatens them
  • Engineering green solutions – research and innovation tackling the climate crisis
  • Working with nature – livelihoods reliant on nature & industries working to protect it
  • Recreation and wellbeing – people interacting with nature for leisure and pleasure

Guidelines for image contributions:

  • High-resolution of at least 5906 pixels wide x 3545 pixels in height
  • Can be displayed in landscape
  • Communicate a scientific story as well as being visually beautiful or striking
  • Preferably feature people and express a human element

If you work or study within Midlothian Science Zone and would like us to submit a photograph on your behalf, please send your image contribution for consideration to Emma McCallum, MSZ Project Coordinator, by Thursday 15th April.

Edinburgh Science Festival will have the final decision on photographs submitted and intend to confirm the final content around May, looking to launch the exhibition around the end of May.

Please view the Edinburgh Science Festival Photography Exhibition 2021 Expression of Interest Guide (PDF) for further details.

Edinburgh Science Festival Photography Exhibition will display 30 large-scale images with captions from June through July 2021 at a major public outdoor location in Edinburgh (previous locations include the Mound, the Scottish Parliament forecourt, Festival Square, Portobello Promenade). 



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