Horizons in Cancer Drug Discovery

Published: 30 March 2015

More than 150 leaders from academia, pharma and venture funders will gather in Edinburgh this week to discuss innovative cancer drug discovery.

The Horizons in Cancer Drug Discovery meeting, to be held at the Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh on the 1–2 April 2015, brings together leaders from industry, academic/clinical cancer research and venture capital funders to discuss ideas about new and existing strategies, the need for innovation, and to explore the potential of alliances between academia, SMEs, Biotech, Pharma and funders.

The meeting is co- hosted by Edinburgh BioQuarter, Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre, the Institute of Cancer Research and the Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine,

During the two days, key leaders from pharma global oncology departments will be presenting alongside academics at the leading edge of cancer discovery science and innovative patient treatment to an invited audience of 150 colleagues from academia, pharma and VC funders from throughout the UK, Europe and the States.

Host Professor Margaret Frame, Research Director of the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, said: “There are many cancer research meetings held, but this event is unique in that we have attracted global leaders from the oncology divisions of major pharma, senior academia leaders and venture funders together for a single meeting to discuss the best way forward in cancer drug discovery and development.”

The conference is sponsored by Cancer Research Technology, Crown Bioscience Inc, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, MRC Technology, RGC Jenkins & Co, and Scottish Development International.



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