Launch of VetBioNet – a European project to combat animal infectious diseases

Published: 18 May 2017

The Moredun Research Institute is a partner in VetBioNet which aims to reinforce the cooperation between Europe’s leading high-containment research infrastructures to advance research on epizootic and zoonotic diseases and to promote technological developments.

The VetBioNet project was launched in April and brings together an international network of 30 partners from the academic and private sectors.The project is co-ordinated by INRA in France, and has received 10 Mio € of funding from the European Commission for a project period of 5 years.

VetBioNet was established as a multidisciplinary network in response to the unpredictability and speed of the transboundary spread of emerging epizootic and zoonotic diseases which necessitates transnational cooperation between academic institutes, industries, international One Health organizations and policy makers, in order to tackle present and future animal and public health threats.

The activities of the VetBioNet infrastructure project will include:

  • Joint Research Activities related to the prevention and control of animal infectious diseases.
  • Networking Activities to foster cooperation between project partners and to forge cooperative relationships with other European or international research initiatives, industrial stakeholders, international organizations and policy makers.
  • Transnational Access Activities to provide access to the high-containment facilities and technical resources of the consortium. This free-of-charge access will be provided to researchers or enterprises for projects related to specific epizootic and zoonotic diseases.

“We are delighted that Moredun is a VetBioNet partner which enables our facilities and expertise to be appliedin new projects to address the prevention and control of animal infectious diseases.”

Professor Gary Entrican of the Moredun Research Institute


Source: Moredun Group



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