Maximise IP, Minimise Risk

Published: 6 February 2015

i2eye Diagnostics has recently developed an Open Innovation Toolkit, a three-part system that enables an individual, company or other organisation to maximise the value of its intellectual property through partnership, whilst minimising risk exposure for all stakeholders.

i2eye Diagnostics is an Edinburgh-based company which has successfully commercialised a visual field analyser through exclusive licence from the University of Edinburgh. Based on their own experience and knowledge of the challenges negotiating rights to exploit IP, they were firmly of the belief that more could be done to simplify the process and incentivise those involved in order to maximise the value of surplus IP.

With support from the Open Innovation Project, i2eye Diagnostics has recently developed an Open Innovation Toolkit. This three-part system is unique in that it recognises the Company’s position in the flow of value generation between the originator of the IP (often a University) and the ultimate customer of a commercial application of the IP (end user). The potential value of a piece of intellectual property is only realised when the end user buys a commercial embodiment of that intellectual property.

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Open Innovation Project Manager
City of Edinburgh Council
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Edinburgh EH8 8BG

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