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Published: 24 April 2023

Midlothian Science Zone Business Forum attendees enjoyed an enthusiastic presentation from Greengage Agritech Ltd about their innovative lighting products and sensor technology, designed to improve the welfare of poultry and pigs and to monitor livestock production.

On Tuesday 11th April, guests gathered at Roslin Innovation Centre, the business hub of the University of Edinburgh Easter Bush Campus, for a presentation by Chris Beamish, COO of Greengage Agritech Ltd, leading providers of lighting and sensors for precision livestock farming and the role this plays in animal welfare and productivity.

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Chris Beamish, Chief Operating Officer, Greengage Agritech presenting

It was fascinating to hear how Greengage has researched sight, sound, taste and touch senses to produce their ALIS intelligent lighting system for poultry and swine. This usable technology incorporates low flicker lighting for poultry, and a sensor system, which is easy to install and provides data to identify animal algorithms. Together these focus on the welfare of animals, recognising the detrimental effect that stress has on the quality of meat produced.

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Information correlation, food scrutiny, data collection and appropriate technology has enabled Greengage to take this innovation to the next level of animal welfare.

With over a billion poultry produced annually participants engaged in some interesting discussion on consumer demand for high animal welfare and quality meat and the future of protein production.

We also ventured into discussions on lab grown and insect proteins which also led to interesting parallels within our audience from Roslin Technologies and Moredun Research Institute, and will hopefully lead to future collaborations.

MSZ Business Forums highlight the wealth of expertise on the zone, the importance of data to advance animal health and welfare and always prompt interesting discussion between participants.

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Greengage Agritech lighting in Allermuir Avian Innovation and Skills Centre (AISC),
the UK’s largest facility to improve avian nutrition, health and welfare, operated in partnership with Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock  (CIEL) and SRUC 

For further information about Greengage Agritech Ltd and their precision livestock farming solutions for productivity, transparency, biosecurity and compliance, please contact: Kat Kazak - Marketing & Communications.


If you missed this MSZ Business Forum and are interested in finding out more about the research and expertise that were presented, please email Emma McCallum, MSZ Project Coordinator. 

The purpose of MSZ Business Forum is to create an opportunity for discussion, collaboration and awareness of other businesses 'in the zone'.  The next event is expected to be held in June 2023, and details of host and theme will be announced soon - as always there will be time for networking.

To be kept informed of forthcoming events or opportunities for collaboration, please contact Emma McCallum, Project Coordinator. 

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