Midlothian Science Zone - New Appointment

Published: 16 November 2020

Midlothian Science Zone has appointed Emma McCallum in the role of project co-ordinator, to increase engagement and collaboration within the Midlothian business community and beyond, raising awareness to the opportunities this centre of excellence for animal health, research and science focused business this region presents.

Emma McCallum took up the exciting role as Project Co-ordinator with Midlothian Science Zone in October 2020 and will work with the project's Steering Group to deliver on the key objectives of their Business Plan: to stimulate economic growth within the region's science and research sector; promote the diversity, prestige, quality and capability of Midlothian Science Zone and to attract more companies, particularly those with a One Health focus and open to collaboration.

To help achieve these aims, Emma will develop channels to facilitate communication between businesses within the zone through a programme of business engagement, networking and familiarisation events. Observing current restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic, initially communication and events will be hosted virtually.

Collaboration is key, and increasing engagement with tenant companies will help to identify more opportunities with others in the region and also linkages for investment and funding opportunities to stimulate business growth.

Emma Moredun Mobile Lab Img 2153 Edit

Emma pictured outside Moredun's new mobile lab
As part of Moredun's centenary celebrations, the new 'bus' commemorates the original mobile laboratory which travelled around the UK in the 1920s to help farmers diagnose livestock disease problems on their farms.


Midlothian Science Zone (MSZ) is an attractive place to locate a business, nestled in a green belt area in the shadow of the Pentland Hills, and conveniently located on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Working with key partners and stakeholders, the excellence of science and research capabilities within the region's science parks and research institutes will be part of promoting what we have here in central Scotland, in the zone.

Emma will be working with team member Lesley Parsons, responsible for MSZ's digital marketing channels, to share and promote good news stories and achievements on a local, national and international level. In addition, Emma will be engaging with local partners on local and national policy requests and offering outreach and links to educational and local authority skills agencies.

“Although I have not previously worked within the Life Sciences sector, I have experience in working with many different businesses with similar goals and it's exciting to be part of this growing, buoyant sector, particularly at a time when key industries are facing the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and what the “new normal” brings.

I'm looking forward to promoting Midlothian Science Zone within the community, including working with Midlothian Council and the ‘Locate in Midlothian’ initiative and also to engage with young people and educational institutions with skills outreach to involve them in the future of the zone and the sector.”

Emma McCallum, Project Co-ordinator, Midlothian Science Zone


Emma lives with her family near Kelso in the Borders where she has provided business support ranging from bookkeeping, business plan writing to marketing. Emma has much experience in the promotion of local institutions to both national and international audiences, this includes working as Marketing and PR Manager with Abbotsford, the home of Sir Walter Scott, during the renovation and reopening phases and as fundraising consultant for Melrose Rugby Club’s Legacy Project.

Both these roles included working with external agencies and partnerships to promote the Scottish Borders as a destination. Emma has experience of working with small businesses, coordinating the Leader funded pilot scheme 'Mentoring for Growth' with the Scottish Borders Chamber of Commerce; identifying, recruiting and supporting small and micro businesses through Group Mentoring with the end goal of achieving growth.


To contact Emma for further information or opportunities to collaborate in the zone, please email.



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