Midlothian welcomes UKSPA

Published: 4 October 2016

UKSPA (United Kingdom Science Park Association) is a membership organisation representing science parks and other innovative environments, throughout the UK, that facilitate the development and management of innovative, high growth, knowledge-based organisations, driving forward the UK’s economic growth.

Conference sessions and study tours will be hosted at The Roslin Institute on the University of Edinburgh’s Easter Bush Campus, a centre of excellence with the largest concentration of animal-science related expertise in Europe, together with the Moredun Research Institute, a centre of excellence in veterinary science on Pentlands Science Park.

The theme of the Conference will reflect the four key areas prioritised by Scottish Government and consider the wider context for Innovation, Investment, Inclusive Growth and Internationalisation covering:

  • Scottish perspective on science parks and innovation
  • New building design and regional re-branding
  • Knowledge infrastructure: connecting research to business
  • Business investment and entrepreneurship
  • Local investors and successful local growth companies
  • International connectivity
  • Local science with international impact

An exciting programme will be supported by inspiring and motivating speakers, featuring Tom Ogilvy, Research and Innovation at the University of Edinburgh; Julie Fitzpatrick, Scientific Director of the Moredun Research Institute and CEO of the Moredun Foundation; and David Hume, Director of The Roslin Institute and Research Director of the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies.

Of course, no conference is complete without an opportunity for networking. Hospitality will be delivered in a traditional Scottish style at the Macdonald Holyrood Hotel for delegates to engage, network, learn and enjoy!

UKSPA October Conference will take place Thursday 6 October - Friday 7 October 2016 at Pentlands Science Park and The Roslin Institute in Midlothian. 

About UKSPA (United Kingdom Science Park Association)

For thirty years, UKSPA has been supporting the work of its Members to plan, develop and sustain environments for supporting the innovative, high tech, knowledge based businesses that are located on their sites. Members provide environments for technology entrepreneurs, start-ups and University spin out companies, alongside growing and more mature tech businesses. Over 100 locations (including Science, Research and Technology Parks, Technology Incubators and innovation Centres) are members of UKSPA and they provide the environments for 4000 companies employing around 75,000 people to grow and succeed. 

About The Roslin Institute, Easter Bush Campus

The Roslin Institute is a world leader in the field of animal science research and undertakes research focussed on the health and welfare of animals, and applications of basic animal sciences in human and veterinary medicine, the livestock industry and food security. Known globally as the birthplace of Dolly the Sheep, the first animal to be cloned from an adult cell. The Institute is a Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), National Institute of Bioscience (NIB) and is integrated with The University of Edinburgh’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies. 

About Moredun Research Institute, Pentlands Science Park

The Moredun Research Institute has established a global reputation for the high quality of its scientific research to improve farm animal health and welfare, through the prevention and control of infectious diseases of livestock. Research spans all levels of biological organisation, from molecular through cellular, tissue, organ, whole animal and population studies. Located on Pentlands Science Park, Midlothian, a thriving scientific community providing an ideal location for research and commercial groups. 

Further information:

John Mackenzie, Chief Executive Officer,
Roslin Innovation Centre, The Roslin Institute, 
The University of Edinburgh, Easter Bush Campus, 
Midlothian, EH25 9RG 

E: john.mackenzie@roslin.ed.ac.uk 
T: +44 (0) 131 651 9420 
M: +44 (0) 7557 168 658 


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