Miles Briggs MSP visits Edinburgh Genomics at The Roslin Institute

Published: 19 February 2018

On the 19th of February, Miles Briggs MSP visited The Roslin Institute to see the ground-breaking sequencing technology used by Edinburgh Genomics.

The visit was planned following Briggs' tabling of the motion "Technology boost for the University of Edinburgh Genomics Facility", which has shown the support given by Briggs and other MSPs for genomic technology.

Edinburgh Genomics recently acquired the most up-to-date gene sequencing technology, the NovaSeq 6000 system, from Illumina. This technology is the first to be used in Scotland and will make it possible to study the genetics of any species, including bacteria, viruses and plants. With this technology, the University of Edinburgh’s Edinburgh Genomics facility will continue to make great strides in genetic sequencing.

I am delighted to showcase our Clinical facility and sequencing labs to Miles Briggs MSP. We are committed to delivering the most competitively priced sequencing services and the highest quality data which new platforms like the NovaSeq 6000 makes possible.

Joel Fearnley, Edinburgh Genomics’ Chief Operating Officer

I am fully convinced that in addition to being a wonderful research tool, genomic technologies provide many opportunities for society and the commercial world. Scotland is poised to play a leading role in showing the world the potential for genomic technologies to make significant impact on health provision.

Professor Bruce Whitelaw, The Roslin Institute and Chair of Edinburgh Genomics

Source: The Roslin Institute


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