Moredun and Orkney Livestock Association announce an important partnership

Published: 20 August 2020

Orkney Livestock Association (OLA) have signed up to partner Moredun to give their members access to research outputs, knowledge, skills and expertise generated at Moredun, which are targeted to improve animal health and welfare and increase the sustainable efficiency of livestock production.

The partnership will allow Orkney Livestock Association members access to Moredun’s members area with a wealth of livestock health information, including the full range of technical newssheets, and will also promote working together on joint events and initiatives. It will mean that OLA members will be eligible to apply for the annual Moredun Foundation Award Scheme and would be able to contact Moredun directly to get further advice on particular disease issues.

Moredun is 100 years old this year during which time its research outputs have made a major impact both in the UK and globally, due in a large part to the unique relationship Moredun has with the farming community and the emphasis the organisation puts on effective knowledge exchange with livestock producers.

Moredun currently has over 12,000 members from the farming, veterinary and animal health community and farmers sit on Moredun’s governing boards. Orkney is represented at Moredun by well-known retired vet Willie Stewart, who is the Chair of Moredun’s North of Scotland Regional Advisors Board and informs Moredun of the particular disease problems challenging Orkney livestock. Through Willie’s initiative Moredun has taken part in several meetings and farm events on Orkney.

“Through these meetings we have been fortunate to meet many of Orkney’s livestock farmers, who are well known for their high quality beef production and we are delighted to be developing a closer working collaboration with OLA, which will be of huge benefit to both of our organisations.”

Beth Wells, Moredun Research Institute

“The Moredun Research Institute is a world leader in the development of livestock vaccines, animal disease tests and control plans. I believe that OLA representing the cattle industry in Orkney can have a strong association with Moredun in the future."

Willie Stewart, OLA

OLA is a farmer-led organisation aimed at improving the health of Orkney’s cattle herds. The scheme was officially launched in February 2001 with a programme to eradicate BVD and a Johne’s eradication scheme followed in November 2008. OLA is a sub-group of HiHealth Herdcare which is a national cattle health scheme.

“We are delighted and very honoured to give our members the opportunity to benefit from expert information and support from such a prestigious and well respected organisation. We are looking forward to seeing how this partnership progresses and the benefits it brings to Orkney farmers.”

Karen Johnston, OLA


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