Moredun wins Innovation Award for Barbers Pole worm vaccine

Published: 24 September 2015

The award recognises innovation in the veterinary sphere and was received on behalf of the Moredun team who developed Barbervax®, a vaccine for the Barber`s Pole worm.

The Barbers Pole worm (Haemonchus contortus) is a globally important roundworm parasite of sheep and goats. It is a voracious bloodsucker causing anaemia which can readily become fatal. Barbervax is the first vaccine in the world for a worm parasite of sheep.

It was registered for commercial use in Australia in 2014 where the worm has a major impact on the sheep industry. The vaccine was developed after many years of research at Moredun headed by Dr Smith.  

Professor Julie Fitzpatrick, Moredun’s Scientific Director and Chief Executive, said “We are delighted to have received this award for Barbervax® in recognition of the innovative approach taken by the team in the successful development of this important vaccine.”  

Dr David Smith commented: “I am very pleased to accept the award, Barber`s Pole worm is a major production and welfare problem for sheep farmers across the world, in particular as strains resistant  to anthelmintic drugs are common and widespread. Barbervax will significantly reduce the impact of this parasite.”  

Suzanne Jarvis, Managing Editor of the Veterinary Record said: "For this new award we were pleased to receive a broad range of quality nominations. However, the clear winner was David Smith and colleagues at the Moredun Research Institute for Barbervax. The judges felt this entry truly demonstrated innovation.

The product is innovative as is the science that led to its development. Ultimately, as Barbervax is now available commercially the team behind it has been able to demonstrate not only that it is innovative but also that it is able to improve the health and welfare of treated sheep."


Source: Moredun Research Institute


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