MSZ Business Forum meet an entrepreneur progressing cancer research

Published: 15 October 2021

Midlothian Business Forum welcomed a rising star and award-winning entrepreneur Ishani Malhotri, founder and CEO of Carcinotech on Tuesday 12th October to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey and success in the manufacturing of 3D cancer research models to enable accurate testing and treatment.

Carcinotech Ltd is a MedTech company which focuses on manufacturing 3D cancer research models from cancer cells to enable accurate testing and treatment.  

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The Forum were keen to learn more about Ishani's entrepreneurial journey, the challenges and acievements along the route from concept to business success.

Continuing in academia after her Master’s degree was Ishani’s anticipated path, but after successfully presenting her business idea to academics and scientists in the pharma industry, she instead took advantage of the wealth of business support in Scotland through funding and accelerators including Edinburgh Innovations and Converge.

These funds and competitions particularly help scientists who may not have a strong business background, the support encourages confidence to make their ideas a reality.

We are fortunate to have a strong Business Gateway Midlothian team who provide advice to help businesses start up and guide them in the direction of support and funding. Funding platforms are competitive and can be time consuming, the nature of the funding process is the biggest barrier to many, a wealth of data is key to success.

Being an entrepreneur requires resilience to ride the highs and lows of the pathway to success which can be a long game, it is hard work but Ishani’s vision and passion to set models to treat patients with cancer personalised to their specific needs drives her.

Choosing to base her business at Roslin Innovation Centre has been key to this, facilities are onsite at the University of Edinburgh and the opportunity for collaborative relationships and the support of peers in same phase or in growth phase.

The facilities and strong cultural base available across the MSZ suit start-ups through to established businesses. The availability of single desk space through to market ready space for growing and established businesses at the likes of Edinburgh Technopole with offices and labs ready to move into and still the benefit of a collaborative community.
For Ishani, Carcinotech now has a team of 7 and is and is excited to move to the next stage, to expand her team, raise investment, speak to potential clients and make a real difference with the idea she has turned into a business.

To request a recording of Ishani Malhotra’s presentation, please contact Emma McCallum, MSZ Project Coordinator.


The MSZ Business Forum was launched in December 2020 to create an opportunity for discussion, collaboration and awareness of other businesses within the zone.

Our next Business Forum will be held on 7th December 2021, marking a year of hosting these events. This event will showcase the wealth of research facilities available within the University of Edinburgh School of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine and in particular those on Easter Bush Campus. The event will be in-person at Roslin Innovation Centre with an option to join virtually.

To be kept informed of forthcoming events or opportunities for collaboration, please contact Emma McCallum, Project Coordinator. 

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