"Parasites: Battle for Survival" exhibition opens at the National Museum of Scotland

Published: 4 December 2018

A new exhibition opening at the National Museum of Scotland on 6th December will explore the fight to eradicate five neglected tropical diseases and the role of research taking place in Scotland to do this.

Although cases of human sleeping sickness have dropped significantly, Trypanosomes parasites are still responsible for widespread disease in livestock across sub-Saharan Africa.

Malaria, Guinea Worm, Sleeping Sickness, Schistosomiasis and Leishmaniasis are among those diseases described as neglected because they remain major epidemic diseases in many countries.

These five are among a range of diseases which World Health Organisation is aiming to eradicate, some as soon as 2020.

Several Scottish institutions – the Edinburgh Centre for Immunity, Infection and Evolution, Edinburgh infectious Diseases at the University of Edinburgh, the Wellcome Trust Centre for Anti-Infectives Research at the University of Dundee, and Wellcome Trust Centre for Molecular Parasitology at the University of Glasgow – are at the forefront of these efforts.

Presented in partnership with these universities, this exhibition will explore the history of Scottish involvement in identifying and treating tropical disease and highlight the research currently taking place in Scotland.

Edinburgh is delighted to be a partner in this exciting venture with the National Museum of Scotland focused on combating the devastating diseases caused by parasites. Scottish Universities are leading the world in this battle, building on their unparalleled historical contributions to the exploration of parasites, their life cycles and the diseases they cause.

Prof Keith Matthews,Director of the Centre for Immunity, Infection and Evolution, University of Edinburgh


Parasites: Battle for Survival exhibition opens 6 December 2018 at the National Museum of Scotland


Source: Edinburgh Infectious Diseases


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