SRUC research ranked as number one in UK

Published: 12 May 2022

The research power of Agriculture, Food and Veterinary Sciences at SRUC and the University of Edinburgh has been ranked as number one in the UK based on the quality and breadth of work.

 The assessment by the Research Excellence Framework (REF2021) – the system for evaluating the quality and impact of research in the UK’s higher education institutions – maintains SRUC’s position as the strongest provider in these subject areas.

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Research ‘power’ is an overarching measure of research quality and volume. SRUC and the University have increased both the quality and size of the joint submission since the last REF in 2014, highlighting the scale and excellence of their combined research capabilities.

All 11 impact case studies submitted – eight of which involved SRUC research – were classified as ‘world leading’ (receiving the top 4* REF grading) or ‘internationally excellent’ (3*) in terms of their impact on wider society.

All – 100 per cent – of the research environment was also classified as world class or internationally excellent, highlighting the outstanding quality, equipment and culture of the research base. A total of 87 per cent of overall research activity was ranked as 4* or 3*.

“This outstanding result highlights SRUC’s unique position as a tertiary institution which delivers economic and social benefits relevant to both Scotland and the world.

“Our combined world-leading research, advisory service and teaching excellence enables us to address the grand challenges facing the planet - including climate change and access to nutritious food and clean water.

“Core to our mission at SRUC is impact, so we are exceptionally proud that the collective strength and depth of our agriculture, food and veterinary sciences research is reflected in the top research power ranking. The impact we are having is globally important, of the highest quality and shows that we are a force to be reckoned with.

“I would like to pay tribute to the hard work and dedication of our exceptional colleagues that has made this possible as we continue our journey to become an enterprise university at the heart of the sustainable natural economy.”

Professor Wayne Powell, SRUC Principal and Chief Executive

 The Research Excellence Framework (REF) process is the UK’s system for assessing the quality of research in UK higher education institutions and its impact in society.

SRUC presented a joint submission to REF 2021 with the University of Edinburgh’s The Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies and Roslin Institute, including these impact case studies. The results of this submission were published in May 2022.

For more information about the impact case studies, view SRUC REF 2021 impact case studies.



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