The Roslin Institute heads to the Great British Bioscience Festival

Published: 12 November 2014

The Great British Bioscience Festival is the culmination of a year-long tour, enabling visitors to explore the fascinating world of biology through interactive science exhibits from real scientists.

A team of researchers from the Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh will be heading to east London to bring the best of British Bioscience to the general public.

The team, with colleagues from The Pirbright Institute, will be showcasing their exhibit ‘Flu Fighters’ at the festival between 14 – 16 November in Museum Gardens, Bethnal Green, London.

Influenza is a major global threat to human and animal health. The ‘Flu Fighters’ exhibit will focus on influenza viruses and the science behind the varied approaches to combating flu being developed at Roslin and Pirbright. It will showcase current research including GM animals, novel approaches to vaccines and diagnostic tests and host/virus genetics.

The exhibit will also demonstrate how flu transmits from animals to humans and highlight the challenges of preventing large-scale outbreaks.

Nicola Stock, Public Engagement Officer at The Roslin Institute, said “The Great British Bioscience Festival is a great opportunity for the public to meet scientists, learn about the amazing research happening around the UK and find out the impact that it could have on their life.”

The ‘Flu Fighters’ exhibit will provide an opportunity for visitors to run diagnostic tests on a chicken, design their own flu virus and discuss the pros and cons of genetic modification of animals.

This free festival is suitable for all the family, with over 20 exciting and interactive displays on offer.

Professor Jackie Hunter, BBSRC Chief Executive: “The Great British Bioscience Festival will be a unique chance for BBSRC and our scientists to bring awe-inspiring bioscience research to east London. A variety of entertaining and engaging exhibitions will be on offer, highlighting the best of BBSRC-sponsored world-leading bioscience. “

The Great British Bioscience Festival is brought to you by BBSRC in partnership with LND Science Festival.


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