VectorBuilder expands global reach with headquarters in Midlothian

Published: 23 May 2023

VectorBuilder, a global leader in gene delivery technologies, announces the opening of a new office Edinburgh Technopole, part of the Pioneer Group, in Midlothian Science Zone. This strategic expansion aims to bolster its presence in the UK and enhance the organisation’s ability to serve a region that represents one of its strongest customer bases.

VectorBuilder offers a full spectrum of gene delivery solutions covering virtually all research and clinical needs from bench to bedside. The company has branches in North America, Europe, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Israel. To date, it has served more than 50,000 customers, which include universities, research institutions, biotech and pharma companies, and governmental agencies.

"When it comes to published scientific research, the UK is ranked third in the world with nearly 200 000 citable publications in 2020. With VectorBuilder’s UK team rapidly growing and an organisational commitment to scientific research, it made sense for VectorBuilder to open an office in the country."

Christina McClure, PhD, Associate Sales Director of Europe, UK, and Scandinavia of VectorBuilder

"When scientists partner with VectorBuilder, they eliminate the pain points in vector cloning and gene delivery. Our research overcomes the bottlenecks in gene delivery so the scientific community can rely on us to benefit their research and drug development.

"We proudly participated in the first human trial of an innovative gene therapy drug candidate for Menkes disease, a devastating congenital disorder, as well as recently partnered with Stand Up Therapeutics to produce and supply gene therapy products for the treatment of paralysis on a global level."

Kristofer Mussar, COO of VectorBuilder

Having a presence in the UK will enable VectorBuilder to assist the scientific community in focusing on its core research activities while streamlining operational processes through its innovative gene delivery technologies. Additionally, being part of Edinburgh Technopole, a Pioneer Group in Midlothian Science Zone, further enhances VectorBuilder's commitment to supporting researchers by providing access to a dynamic ecosystem of scientific innovation and collaboration.

Edinburghtechnopole Bushhouse 700

This strategic move positions VectorBuilder to leverage the state-of-the-art facilities and world-class expertise available on Edinburgh Technopole, fostering strong partnerships with leading academic institutions and biotech companies in the region.

"As a provider of AAV viral vectors, VectorBuilder has played a crucial role in freeing up our time to focus more on research by providing large quantities of high-quality viral vector for in vivo applications. Having access to VectorBuilder solutions will enable researchers across the UK to spend more time on hypothesis-driven investigations and data analysis, rather than labour-intensive AAV production."

Martin Madill, Senior Scientist at Purespring Therapeutics

This office space in Midlothian Science Zone will closely collaborate with researchers, offering personalised support and guidance. This hands-on approach will provide the peace of mind that projects are executed accurately and efficiently from the outset, minimising the risk of errors and delays that could impact research progress.


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