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Scotland's Rural College (SRUC) recently announced a refreshed vision and mission which includes a commitment to focus on the natural economy – spanning both rural and urban activity – and to partner locally and globally to benefit Scotland’s natural economy.

Scotland's Rural College (SRUC) Edinburgh campus is sited on the University of Edinburgh's King's Buildings Campus on the south side of the city, with research facilities located on the Bush Estate.


The growing human population, and growing global demand for food, are the fundamental issues which will underpin rural research, education and consulting for the foreseeable future. These are major challenges in their own right but need to be addressed in a world with a dramatically changing climate, diminishing natural resources - especially fossil fuels - and a shortage of water.

Tackling these critical, complex, inter-related challenges needs world class, integrated research across a range of disciplines, including life sciences, environmental sciences, economics and social sciences.

SRUC has a wealth of experience and expertise in these essential areas, a knowledge base that is continually expanding. The research focus is supported by education and consulting divisions, and each can play a strong role in overcoming some of the greatest challenges the world faces today.

SRUC’s Research Division is split into four core groups:

  • Land Economy , Environment & Society Group
  • Future Farming Systems Research Group
  • Animal and Veterinary Sciences Research Group
  • Crop and Soil Systems Research Group

Field work on efficacy, environmental impact and sustainability of animal production systems in Scotland's Rural College complements programmes in The Roslin Institute on the genetics of production traits. The nearby Moredun Research Institute further strengthens the initiative by providing specialist animal health capabilities to ensure that this cluster within the Midlothian Science Zone is leading the way on the global stage. 

Research Excellence

A multidisciplinary grouping of animal scientists, within The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, The Roslin Institute and Scotland's Rural College, provide a level of expertise that is unrivalled elsewhere in the world.

Together, over 600 scientists form an internationally unparalleled group focussed on the biology of companion and production animals, tackling pressing issues in animal genetics and genomics, development, health and welfare and their implications for human health.

The assessment by the Research Excellence Framework (REF2021) – the system for evaluating the quality and impact of research in the UK’s higher education institutions – maintains SRUC’s position as the strongest provider in these subject areas.

The research power of Agriculture, Food and Veterinary Sciences at SRUC and the University of Edinburgh has been ranked as number one in the UK based on the quality and breadth of work. In a joint submission to the UK Research Excellence Framework 2021 exercise, research at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies (R(D)SVS), of which the Roslin Institute is a part, and Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) has been ranked number one in the UK for agriculture, food and veterinary sciences by combining Times Higher Education’s ratings for each institution.

The institutions’ research environment was classified to be 100 per cent world leading or internationally excellent for agriculture, food and veterinary sciences research. The Vet School and SRUC submission was also assessed as being 100 per cent world leading or internationally excellent in terms of the impact its research work has on wider society.

In 2023, the SRUC was named the top university in Scotland and also ranked the top young university in Scotland for a second consecutive year in the Times Higher Education World Young University Rankings, and maintains a top 10 position in the United Kingdom. This remarkable accomplishment comes just a few years after SRUC joined the list of top 500 higher education institutions in the world for the first time in 2020​​.

Easter Bush Research Consortium

Around 600 scientists from The Roslin Institute, the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) and the Moredun Research Institute work through the Easter Bush Research Consortium (EBRC) to streamline research which has a large focus on animal and human health and this includes identifying new and emerging diseases that can pass from livestock and wild animals to humans and understanding the ways in which these diseases work.

The EBRC is a powerful alliance of basic research, applied research and clinical veterinary expertise. EBRC scientists with common and complimentary interests in research work closely together to develop effective disease controls and treatments, improved food safety, improved animal welfare and sustainable management of farm animals.

The EBRC offers mechanisms and forums for sharing resources and expertise as well as providing an outstanding environment for teaching and training scientists at all stages of their careers.

The partnership within the EBRC, and integration with clinical practice and education in the the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, provide major opportunities for application and exploitation of the research of the consortium partners. 



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