Shared Research Facilities

Explore the core facilities, shared equipment and expertise within Midlothian Science Zone enabling researchers to deliver cutting-edge research and providing opportunities for collaboration.

There is an extensive range of Core Facilities and Equipment available to researchers and business within Midlothian Science Zone. 

Easter Bush Campus 

Midlothian Science Zone can facilitate access to the University of Edinburgh’s College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, and other parts of the University, with core research facilities, shared equipment and expertise including:

Bioimaging and Flow Cytometry Facility - high-end microscopy, cell sorting and flow cytometry equipment.

New additions in 202 included Lightsheet Microscopy and Scotlands 1st Bigfoot Special Cell sorter

New Super Resolution capabilities will be available 2024, with arrival of the Zeiss Elyra 7 Lattice SIM2 with Single Molecule Localisation Microscopy. This system will have live cell resolution down to 60um and an acquisition speed of 255fps. The single molecule localisation microscopy takes the resolution down to 20nm.

Also scheduled for 2024, is an NeoScan N80 microCT scanner and upgrades to the Zeiss Live Cell Observer and 
Zeiss LSM710 Confocal will be converted into a new widefield fluorescence microscope to replace the DMRB.

Cell Sorting - Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) to characterise AND physically separate cells.

Proteomicsand Metabolomics Facility - a range of mass spectrometry services and analytical chromatography methods to characterise the proteome and small molecules in living systems.

Biological Research Facility - equipment and expertise to generate genetically altered mouse strains and carry out behavioural testing.

Centre for Comparative Pathology - a collaborative centre focusing on the study of human and animal disease mechanisms.

Large Animal Research & Imaging Facility (LARIF) - laboratory and animal holding facilities as well as advanced imaging equipment, including CT and MRI scanning facilities for large animals and equine use.  

Aquaculture Genetics Research Facility (AGRF) - a state-of-the-art freshwater aquarium facility designed for research into early-life stages of farmed fish species. Equipped with hatchery and disease challenge facilities, it is integral to groundbreaking research on Campus.

National Avian Research Facility - a specified pathogen free unit to support avian research work and dedicated laboratory and husbandry space to support avian research.

The UK Immunological Toolbox - developing tools, reagents and assays to advance understanding in the field of veterinary immunology.

Edinburgh Pharmaceutical Processes (EPP Ltd)

EPP Ltd is Midlothian Science Zone partner and offers extensive facilities and technical equipment capabilities, based across two sites including a dedicated Environmental Centre on Bush Estate. These facilities can handle large scale or complex projects.

The organisation provides GLP analytical, physico-chemical and environmental testing in accordance with worldwide regulations such as OECD, ISO, and OPPTS with experienced staff working across three core areas:

  • Analytical and Screening including REACH and 5-Batch
  • Environmental Sciences (eFate) 
  • Process Research and Development (R&D)

EPP Ltd specialise in:

  • GLP 5-Batch analysis and Physico-chemical registration studies for Agrochemicals
  • Custom synthesis of impurity, metabolite, and degradant reference standards.
  • Re-certification of reference materials including GLP certification with GLP NMR (onsite) for qualitative analysis.
  • Reference Standard Management Service.
  • Synthesise stable labelled reference materials. 

View a full list of equipment and instruments (PDF)

EPP Ltd specialise in bespoke expert problem solving for clients in diverse scientific areas that require technical experience and insight to support novel and generic plant protection, animal / human pharmaceutical, and fine chemical (including biocides, oilfield chemicals, feed additives) research and development, manufacture, product registration and sales around the world.



Easter Bush Campus

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The Moredun Group

  • Pentlands Science Park
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Edinburgh Technopole

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Midlothian Science Zone

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