The ‘Midlothian Science Zone’ was launched in October 2016 at the UKSPA (United Kingdom Science Parks Association) Conference, which took place in Edinburgh and Midlothian, with sessions and study tours hosted at The Roslin Institute and the Moredun Research Institute.

Scientists, researchers, academia and innovative companies, from spin outs, start ups to established commercials choose to make an impact in Midlothian.


Midlothian Science Zone is a One Health location and a world-leading centre of research excellence in animal health and life sciences.  The critical concentration of animal science expertise provides far reaching recognition for the area and this is enhanced by the willingness for companies and organisations to work together. Collectively this brings extensive benefits to the Midlothian region and the wider economy in terms of business development, infrastructure, employment and make an impact in tackling global challenges.

Midlothian Science Zone is on the outskirts of Edinburgh, evolved from the previous Edinburgh Science Triangle initiative, and is supported by Midlothian Council and partners. Its main objective is to foster a One Health community, increasing levels of collaboration between academia and business whilst raising the profile of world-leading research and access to state-of-the-art facilities. 


Midlothian is located to the south of Edinburgh, with excellent local, national and international transport links and easily accessible from Edinburgh Airport. 

A beautiful rural area, complete with rolling green hills and huge expanses of thriving woodland. Its boundaries are marked by the Pentland Hills chain to the west and the Moorfoot Hills to the south.

Midlothian's modern business locations set the standards for flexibility and affordability, and have provided beneficial new uses for land released by the demise of traditional industries.

The private and public sectors have developed business parks and industrial estates, bringing a variety of quality commercial and industrial premises and sites to the area.

What We Do

The partnership provides a supportive community and offers access to knowledge and expertise, resources and facilities, new technologies, accommodation and services, business support and networks across the region.

From Pentlands Science Park, celebrating over 20 years, established at a time when life science development was becoming a key strategy of both the Scottish Enterprise and the Midlothian Council to re-invigorate the local economy to recent major new developments at Easter Bush Campus, following a staged Masterplan through to 2025.

The University of Edinburgh's Easter Bush Campus brings to one site The Roslin Institute of the University of Edinburgh, the Moredun Research Institute, the Animal Sciences Researchers of the Scotland's Rural College and the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies – forming one of the largest groups in the world focussed on the biology of companion and production animals.

The key to the region’s success is a critical mass of world-leading scientists, the research power of its academic institutions, a positive culture of multi-disciplinary working, embedded commercialisation and enabling technology.

The People

The Midlothian Science Zone Team works to present the region as centre of science and research excellence to a wider audience, including potential investors, development agencies and potential tenants, while stressing the importance of research and knowledge transfer with a particular focus on animal and human health.

The project is supported by Partners and Midlothian Council, Economic Development Unit.


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